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For the last 5 years my love for filmmaking has grown to be my true passion. Capturing special moments and having fun while doing so is why I love doing what I do. When I'm not shooting weddings, I might be creating content for other brands, or I'm just enjoying my time in PA. You'll find me hiking, camping, disc golfing, or at the gym (probably at the gym). 

The first camera I ever had was a GoPro. I used that camera eeeeverywhere. I made little travel videos, summer videos, and some fun date videos. I think it was the versatility that really interested me and made filmmaking fun. I could strap it to my helmet to go white water rafting, or strap it to my chest going down a natural waterslide, or just hold it while I cannonballed into a pool. 

I thought I wanted to shoot sports when I was in school, but interests change. When I started shooting weddings, I could really practice my skills behind the camera. I had more opportunities to be creative and tell a unique story about someone, and to capture two people's love for each other in real time is something special. 

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My wedding filmmaking career actually started with my sister, Emma. Her wedding was the first wedding I ever shot. I had no clue what to do, what to expect, or even how to use my camera to its fullest potential (not to mention I was also IN the wedding so that made it a little tough as well). After I made the video, some of her friends were interested in me filming their wedding as well, and that sparked an idea.

My sister and I made a business together called Raymond Media in which I shot many weddings and really practiced my craft. She recently began her new photography business, EB&CoPhotography, and I started my new videography business, Alex Raymond Productions (And AR Films). 



This beautiful girl is Emma (Yes, my girlfriend's name and sister's name are both Emma.) For nearly 6 years we have been together, starting after a junior-year high school mini-thon all the way up through graduating college. We've walked though California streets, felt the mist of Seattle, stopped in Texas for a couple hours for a layover, and walked the sand bars in the Florida Keys together. We absolutely want to travel more in the future, get a Goldendoodle puppy, and take lots of epic pictures along the way. We're not married yet, but that's only a matter of time:)


In L.A., we went to a Dodgers game with a big group of friends, and we were running late. When we got there, the 1st inning was over with, we were hungry, and of course it was crowded. We decided to buy some food in bulk instead of getting individual orders, so I had a cradle full of hotdogs and Emma with about as many trays of nachos as she could possibly have. I think her nacho capacity went over the limit because one fell from her arm, landed square on the floor, and the cheese catapulted itself straight up into her face. I think I was the only one that saw the whole thing unfold in front of me. I was fully expecting her to be upset because we were late, it was crowded, and now she has cheese all over herself, but when she lifted her head with a yellow nose and mouthful of laughter, that sparked the beginning of my love for her. Sounds weird, but it's true.


(Cheese on her jersey)